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“In Focus has tested all 3 of our kids. Kat welcomed each of them and immediately made them feel comfortable, even during the first few months of mask-wearing here in Texas. All of our kids had so much fun, they didn’t even realize they were being assessed. After testing, Kat was able to answer all of our questions and concerns, helping us to have a complete idea of what educational environment and style would work best for our children. We can’t thank them enough!”


- Dinah


“I highly recommend In Focus Pediatric Learning and Behavioral Center!! Their calm and encouraging style was exactly what my family needed. They provided a prompt evaluation for my 6-year-old daughter for possible dyslexia and behavioral problems at home. They were engaging and so patient with her! Their thorough evaluation and recommendations have changed our lives. We understand our daughter so much better and know she can thrive! They allowed my daughter to receive dyslexia intervention at school, changes at home, and play therapy. The personalized recommendations at the end of my daughter's report and their willingness to work with us again if needed: was also so valuable to us. It was evident that Jennifer and Kat are very experienced, professional, and caring clinicians.”


- Dr. M


"Working with In Focus was exactly the support and guidance we needed for our first grader. Jennifer and Kat took the time to answer my questions and help me understand my child's struggles with reading. They also supported us by working directly with the school district to help establish the 504 plan. I'm grateful we found such a professional and prompt resource to help us support our child's learning needs."


- Brett

Kat and Jen tested my 7 year old son. It was a fantastic experience. They provided a comfortable, gracious testing environment setting him up to perform at the best of his ability. They "saw" his hard work and were an encouragement to him and me. Once testing was done, they presented me with the diagnosis in a concrete, professional and encouraging manner giving me practical recommendations to help my son. When I got the official report and turned it into our school, Kat was extremely helpful and responsive to get the counselor exactly what she needed. The district diagnostician commented on how well done the report was and easy to read. In Focus provided me with multiple copies to make it easier on me to provide the necessary professionals (school counselor, pediatrician, etc.) the reports. In Focus made getting my son services and help he needed seamless and easy. Highly recommend!



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